M.A.C Plumage! pretty little peacock!

Oh Hi There!! So Yesterday I had the great fortune of seeing a dear friend of mine get wed! (to be honest it’s a miracle that I’m even writing this in my hungover state) I had an absolutely Smashing time! I spent the night giggling with some of the best people I know. I mean my make up game was totally on point so that could of helped.

brushes used…

1st picture brushes (L-R) Bare minerals full flawless face, flawless face and max concealer brush.
2nd picture brushes (L-R) Mac 168,130,239,219,217,210,208

Shadows used… (L-R) MAC eyeshadows…

I thought it might be easier to show you what to do by drawing it out 🙂

1. Start by moisturising your face and follow with a primer. I’m using Mac charged water  gel moisturiser and Bare minerals Prime Time Primer.

2. As we are using Dark Shadow I will leave the foundation until after i’ve finished my eyes. Take a Big Fluffy Brush and using some loose translucent power pat some generously underneath your eyes.

Now on to your Lids…

1. Prime your eye I used Mac painterly paint pot all over the lid.
2. Using a 217 blending brush take some Mac kid and buff into the crease.
3. Take some Rule on a 219 pencil brush and buff into the crease over the kid.
4. Under your eyebrow use some Blanc Type and buff it in.
5. Taking a clean fluffy brush dust some Shroom over your brow bone.


6. Next I took some Painterly paint pot (you can use any eye primer) on a 239 brush and painted it on to the area underneath the socket (where i am going to put the plumage shadow).

7. Then Using the same brush I pressed the Plumage on top of the primed eye area. This makes the shadow stay a lot longer and also makes to colour a lot more intense. Pack the colour on until you have a beautiful deep green lid. Dont go to much into your lid crease as we want the rule to still show through.

8. Okay now take a break from the eyes and we are going to take that big fluffy brush again and sweep the Powder from under your eyes. You should have no fallout on your cheeks now as the powder acts like a barrier.

9. Next Fill in your brows I used Anastasia Dip Down Pomade in Dark Brown and a 208 angle brush *if you need any help here’s another post that might help. Click Here

10. Then using Mac Blacktrax  and a 210 liner brush I started at the inner corner and worked my way out with a flick * heres a tutorial showing you how to do it

11. I then took some Ingot individual eyelashes and Duo Lash Adhesive and using a trusty tweezers applied them.

12. Then we go back in with a 239 brush and take Rule eyeshadow and line your bottom lid. Taking Plumage on the same brush buff it on the outer corner of your bottom lid.

13. Go back into your crease with the 219 and some Embark and just smoke it out a little bringing it under your eye in the outer corner!

Right next move on to your face!
I used Mac Studio Sculpt Foundation in NW15 and using the 130 Stippling brush i blended it carefully. I then used my NYX HD concealer in Porcelain on my high points and down the front of my nose and cupids bow.
On my under eye area I used Inglot Under Eye Concealer in 51.
I then used Mac Mineralise Skin finish in Light and powdered my face.
I contoured using Mac Harmony Blush and the Bare Minerals flawless face.
I then took the 168 Angled contour brush from mac and Mac Lovecloud blush and brushed it across the apples of my cheeks.
Taking Soft and Gentle highlighter by mac I brushed it across my cheekbones.
I finished the look off with a lick of Mac Peach Blossom Creamsheen lipstick.

and voila i was ready for the ball 🙂


I hope you guys enjoyed this one. It did take a little bit longer but my make up was still FLAWLESS at 4,30am when i climbed into bed 🙂



This is one of my favourite combinations! Three beautiful neutral shades and a canary yellow to take it to the next level! This palette certainly goes to eleven 😉

Again we have the wonderful Blanc Type making an appearance.
Next there is Copperplate a stunning muted mid grey with earthy undertones. Its another MATTE2 finish and blends so beautiful.
Chrome Yellow is beyond gorgeous! Now don’t be scared I know it’s a bit bright but its such a stunning sunny vibrant yellow. Its Matte and super pigmented.
And last but certainly not least we have yet another Matte shadow. Soot is a beautiful dark grey that boarders on black. It requires a little bit more patience when blending but totally worth it!


To get this look:
I blended Copperplate over the lid and on the lower lash line before taking some Soot and blending it into the outer V and Crease.
On my Brow Bone I applied some Blanc Type to highlight.
Before taking Chrome Yellow on a 219 pencil brush and blending into the inner corner of my eye.

Its that simple!!

Hope you enjoy!
Gia x

QUADrophenia – Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere…

IMG_1031 IMG_1032
So our first quad is a mix of two beautiful light shades a crazy bright copper and a subtle but stunning grey.

Blanc Type (My fave!! its a beautifully creamy beige matte2, i can’t say enough good things about this shadow I’m beyond obsessed with it! )

Vex (A beige frost shadow that has tiny pinky green reflects in it! now that sounds insane but its beautiful and subtle and seems like a shadow made for Glinda the good witch.)

Coppering (A beautiful Orangey Copper colour with hints of red. Its a veluxe pearl that is highly pigmented and blends beautifully. Its stunning on blue eyes and really brings out all these beautiful shades in your iris. I didn’t even know my eyes had it in em!).

Scene (a medium grey satin it applies like a dream and requires no effort! i’m pretty obsessed with this grey too! its so easy to use when in a rush and really adds a sexy little smoke to any look!)

To get the look above I took a 217 brush and swept the lid with Blanc type, I also brushed this under my bottom lashes.
Using the same brush I blended Vex into the inner 3rd of my eye blending it out towards the outer corner of my eyelid.
I then blended Scene into the crease making sure to blend it seamlessly with the vex.
Taking a 219 Pencil brush I held onto the outer corner of my lid ensuring the lid was held tight. I then swept the 219 acres my lid from the inner to the outer corner. I then took the 219 under my lower lash line and blended.
I finished the look by curling my lashes, Coating with mascara and adding a flick of eye liner only on the outer lid. I only wanted to accentuate the coppering not take it over. And Voila! I got a lot of compliments on this make up look yesterday so I was very happy with the first of the Quad series! Coppering is only a very new addition to my collection and this was my first look using it so I’m quite happy it worked out 🙂

hope you enjoy it!

Gia x


So I was thinking it might be cool to do a little series on mac QUADS. One of my favourite things about the quads is how easy they are to pop in your purse/bag for when you are on the go. There are endless beautiful mac shadows that can be combined. So taking my trusty quad and some of my favourite mac shadows I’m going to show you the many different ways you can customise your own palette. And i’ll throw in a tutorial for every combination! I know I’m so kind 😉
just a quick warning- Blanc type may appear quite a bit but its only because I LOVE IT! I mean I really love it. Its the perfect neutral to highlight or use as a wash for brighter colours! if you don’t own it, drop everything and go get it!

okay so without further ado here we go (oh and the title of every quad post will be a title of a who song because i love them and quadrophenia was amazing!

Back on the mac attack

So here is another look using my new shadows knight divine, silvering and blanc type can I just point out I LOVE blanc type!


So for this look just follow the steps below 🙂

Apply MAC paint pot in painterly all over the lid.

Then blend blanc type into your lid.

Taking a 217 apply MAC silver ring just below the socket and blend.

Then taking knight divine blend into the socket.

I then used Electra on my lid taking some shroom along the brow bone and inner third of eye.
I mirrored this on my lower lid. I finished it off with lashings of they’re real mascara by benefit and a lick of liner I used my favourite gel eyeliner Mac blacktrack fluidline

Then I used MAC Lingering on my brows

illamasqua skin base is the foundation I’m using on top of smashbox primer. And Mac harmony as contour. On my cheeks I’m using MAC mineralize blush in petal power

Here’s swatches of all the colours I used


Hope you liked it! Gill x

Mac attack

Hello my lovelies!!
So I had a lovely day with my best friend Christine we went to ikea, and then to do a bit of shopping which led to the both of us splurging in Bt2. The pair of us spent a fortune! But we got lots of lovely goodies so it’s all good!

Anyway here is a look I put together using star violet and vex two of the new shadows I got.




I used blanc type all over the lid and vanilla on the brow bone as a highlighter as it’s slightly less matte than blanc type but still in the same shade.
Then in the inner third of the lid I used vex also bringing it under the lower lashing.
Then using a 219 brush I blended star violet into the crease. Then taking a 217 blend it well into the crease and under the lower lash line. I then added a bit of satin taupeto the crease ensuring it is blended seamlessly. Then curling the lashes apply mascara I’m using lash dominance by bare minerals.

Skin drink moisturizer (LUSH)
Prime time primer (Bare minerals)
Bare skin foundation in 01 (Bare minerals a.k.a BM)
Warmth (BM)
Mineral veil (BM)
Love cloud blush (Mac)
Soft and gentle highlighter (Mac)

I quite like this look it really brought out the grey in my blue eyes. Hope you enjoyed it!

Xoxo gia

NYX haul

Well two things count as a haul right?

So I have to admit I haven’t used much NYX stuff but I’ve heard really good things considering it’s super cheap I picked up a lovely eyeliner in purple for €4.99 and a concealer for only €5.49 I’m gonna use them in a look tomorrow and I will pop it up here but until now you must settle for the exciting opening pictures!! Ooh contain yourself!

Nyx eye/eyebrow pencil in 917 purple


Nyx HD concealer photogenic in CW01 Porcelain


The concealer is very creamy i’m looking forward to it but the eyeliner isn’t that pigmented so we’ll see!

Bleach london


For those of you that know me it will come as no surprise that I am obsessed with pastel (especially lilac) hair. I’ve longed for Nicole Richie esque tresses for oh so long. I tried everything from Label M powder spray to hair chalk. So when my lovely hairdresser Leona told me about BLEACH LONDON I was all over it!

Lighter colours will only work on very light blonde hair and darker colours will work on light to medium blonde hair.

My hair is pre-lightened to a pale grey/blonde so it only takes the colour about 5 minutes to catch but you can experiment on your own hair. Chop a lock off and see how you get on with your own hair.

First the pinks…

ROSE – pastel pink


THE BIG PINK perfect purple pink


Next the blues

BLULLINI sky blue


WASHED UP MERMAID turquoise bluish green in the best way ever!!



VIOLET SKIES pale lilac






You can also mix a few colours like I have here


See all the fun you can have! Check them out at boots for only €6.49 per bottle! And they wash out easily so why not join me and my unicorn hair we are so much happier that you 😉

It’s Friday I’m in love 😍


It’s Friday! You are damn right I’m going out!! I’ve got my kat von d true romance palette in LUDWIG back out!
Clinique high definition mascara,
Mac fluidliner in blacktrax.

1. Prime your lid using a primer or pencil in a nude colour. I’m using urban decay primer potion. This is important and will make your shadow last all night.

2. Imagine your eyelid is measured into 3 sections. The inner third we will take a light cream colour (I’m using TEQUILA) and blend into the lid and brown one

3. Then taking ORBI blend into the second and third sections.

4. Blend a matte black into your crease.

5. Start with your gel or liquid eyeliner midway across your lid and pull the brush across to outer corner edge.
TIP: wait until your line is done from corner to corner to get a better hand on a flick. Don’t worry after a little while you will be doing this in your sleep!

6. Curl those lashes and load with mascara!


Thursday I don’t care about you…

I’m not going to lie this look is my favourite I think I my eyes look fierce like this, the shadows make my blue eyes look super Icey and I’m loving it!


For this look I’m using CLUB by MAC it’s a beautiful duo chrome satin shadow that changes depending on how the light catches it. It can look like a beautiful muddy green with taupe undertones. It’s such a beautiful colour go out and grab it now. Because of the duo chrome properties of this shadow it looks as though I’ve lots of differently shades blended but I don’t just CLUB and a little bit of BISQUE on the arch and inner corner
The rest is simply a mix of light and CLuB doing its thing!! This shadow is the business!! Finish it off by buffing a little black liner into the crease and you are ready for your mascara.





Oh and for those of you wondering I am wearing MAC stay pretty on my cheeks!