my top ten M.A.C neutral shadows!

Neutrals are a must have im pretty sure if you ask any MUA  they will admit to doing colourful tutorials or using lots of colour on clients but usually go for neutral tones on themselves. I think when you get older you tend to relax into earthy tones. When I was 18 you couldn’t get me out of a bright Green colour called Bay from Bnevertoobusytobbeautiful now a days im much happier breaking out my neutral palatte. Now don’t get me wrong that doesn’t mean I play it safe far from it! Neutrals can be played up or down and make blue eyes pop. There are so many beautiful shades out there but here are my top ten from M.A.C.

10. Nylon  (FROST)

This beautiful pale gold works perfectly as a shimmery highlighter I love to use it on my cupids bow and even as a cheek bone highlighter. It’s Super Pigmented and has a really great colour pay off.

9. Bisque (MATTE)

Bisque has recently been discontinued and I for one am totally devastated! Such a beautiful creamy silky matt beige that although doesn’t look like it would blow anyone’s mind in the pan is so beautiful on. I have hit pan on Bisque 3 times now and I’m going to have to go really easy on what I have left. It’s perfect for blending two colours.

8.Orb ( SATIN)

Orb isn’t too dissimilar to Bisque it is a really creamy beige but with more of an Peachy Ivory tone. It is perfect as an all over wash or as a really pretty highlight without being too shimmery.  Works great as a contour for the super pale or as a highlight for darker skin. I love it but I think it’s definitely worth testing it before you buy it as it might not work for everyone.

7. Shroom (SATIN)

Another lovely beige (i know you’re probably thinking how many beiges does one person need? but trust me shroom is a must have) way more subtle than the others ive mentioned.


6. Soba (SATIN)

A very handy colour for filling in my dark blonde brows. Soba is a brown gold with gold shimmer. The Shimmer is fine so there is no chance of sparkly brows. But thats not all folks its a lovely conour shade for when you are feeling a little more neutral than normal.

5. Sable (VELVET)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE SABLE! A beautiful Gold Plum with Bronze Pearl that can be played up or down i love to wear this over hush cream color base it blends beautifully and looks really nice with patina, jest or all that glitters for bridal looks.

4. Jest (FROST)

Okay so it really was a toss up between all that glitters and jest, but  jest won in the end because well its so pretty and it goes with every other neutral I’ve mentioned in these posts. Its a beautiful peachy pink with a slightly icy shimmer to it. I love to use it as a colour to blend out darker and lighter shades.

3.Woodwinked (VELUXE PEARL)

Woodwinked can be a bit touch and go on some skin tones its such a strong bronzey gold colour that it takes a big chunk of confidence to pull this over as an all over colour but if you can do it then why not. As a super pale girl this antiqued gold shouldn’t work on my skintone but somehow it works so i’m not complaining!!!!

be brave and go get some!

2. Satin Taupe (FROST)

If there was onlone shadow in the world i would want it to be this beautiful Taupe with a silver shimmer. This is such a beautiful shade on everyone its warm and sparkly without being overkill perfect on its own or blended with a cream colour base.

1. Twinks (VELUXE PEARL)

M.A.C say on their website that this is a deep plum with pearl reflects. To mean its much more of a dark brown colour but i adore it! That is why its my number one it is just stunning on every skin tone and compliments every eye colour.


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