Review: Jessica generation 3 week manicure

I decided to check out a Jessica generation manicure just before I went on holidays to see what all the fuss was about! I headed over to the lovely girls in champagne beauty in dunshaughlin for a little treat!

I’ve discovered I always have a tendency to go for red colours on my nails and this time was no different I chose a beautiful deep red colour called Merlot and after twenty minutes or so my nails were beautifully decorated like gorgeous shiny Christmas baubles. I was so pleased with myself. Off I went to Spain delighted that I didn’t need any varnish, remover or any nail related nonsense I was guaranteed 3 weeks of nail perfection.

Or was I!? Okay so to be fair it could have been the pool or the sea maybe even both but after one week my nails were well an truly chipped and after another day or two the Polish was completely gone. I know it’s supposed to be really tough to get off but apparently clorine took care of that quite easily.

I have to say my nails were so weak afterwards they had grown a good bit in one week but broke almost instantly. But to be honest I was so chuffed with how pretty they looked It was totally worth it. Hopefully next time it will last a lot longer. No pool no sea water no chipping! Fingers crossed!


poppy approves!!

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