Tutorial: smokey cat eye

Hey guys I’ve currently got the flu it’s driving me nuts so I decided to do a little tutorial for you guys.

Start with a shimmery light shadow I’m using Jest from mac all over the lower lid.
Then go 3/4 ways into the lid and apply a dark brown shade I’m using mac Devine decadence. Buff that in using a 217 brush building up the cover as you go.

Buff a darker brown like mac espresso into the socket.

In the inner corner of your eyelid buff some shimmery light shade I used macrice paper to highlight as it has a really strong pigment. Then using the same shade highlight your brow bone.

Next I layered on lots of lovely mascara because it’s the best I used my new holy grail mascara from bare minerals it’s called lash domination.

Next I used my mac fluid line in blacktrax and a 209 brush I started in the middle of my eye going right out to the edge and pulling up with the tip you can take it bit by bit building it slowly until you are comfortable enough to go hell for leather on the liner. Gel liner is your best friend never be afraid! It’s the best invention of all time!!

I then went back in to the crease with a mix of mac carbon and espresso shadows
And voila your smokey cat eye was born!

Enjoy! Let me know how you get on xx






9 thoughts on “Tutorial: smokey cat eye

      • sirilovise says:

        Thank you. I’m so glad I got to partake in the Irish Beauty Blogger-project, as that’s gven me a chance to connect with Irish bloggers (obviously:p )
        I consider myself quite new to blogging as well, and I get really excited whenever I log on to see someone’s taken the time read something I’ve written – whether in response to a comment, or one of my own posts. And it’s such a welcome respite from Norwegian :p

      • missvanilly says:

        ah wow thats amazing how did you manage that?
        I know what you mean i love getting comments its such a great feeling knowing that people like what you are putting up!
        any tips for me?
        Gill x

      • sirilovise says:

        I just commented on the same post at makeupmonster in which I first found your blog, and asked if I could join in spite of my not beng Irish 😉 Well, I tried blogging once before but soon gave that up as I didn’t feel comfortable with my camera and writing in Nowegian. Now that I’ve got a more interesting camera that’s fun and esy to play with and write in English I feel much more comfortable. Also, while I mostly write about beauty, I can’t help but share some other sides of my life, such as my studies and the puppy. So I guess what I’m saying is that you should find a style of writing, a layout that suits you, and don’t limit yourself to just one aspect, even though one aspect might take up a little more of your time and space.
        Also, I’ve found I’m enjoying things a bit more now that I’m settling in to the part of a blogger, and also commenting actively on other blogs, even though I might not at times be able to write as many posts myself.

  1. sirilovise says:

    Norwegian’s got a direct flight from London Gatwick to Tromsø, which is fairly inexpensive – by Norwegian standards – for the cheapest travel to northern lights, midnight sun or just the slush and overcast we’re currently having. It’s also a lot closer to the real treasure of Norway, which is Lofoten, than gong by ways of Oslo. Just so you know 😉 And we’ve got some of the best cafés ’round here too 😉
    I’m planning on doing research for my Master’s paper in Belfast, if I can get in touch with the right people and they’re willing to have me over. I really miss Ireland. It’s so sunny there and when it rains it comes at you from above, whereas here umbrellas are useless as the rain will come at you from everywhere :p

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