Tutorial: retro eyeliner


Nothing has the transformation powers as magical as eyeliner. It’s beyond amazing it can take even the dullest face to the next level.

We all know there are many different types of liner: pencil, kohl, liquid, gel, powder and we all have our favourites personally I am all about gel liners! Especially macs fluidline it’s beyond amazing it is long lasting has amazing staying power and is really easy to move about and dries really lightly so you don’t feel heavy lidded.

Anyway so getting on with it, it’s super easy so get your liner if you are using gel it’s best to start off with a small slanted brush and once you get the hang of it move on to a skinny liner brush I use mac 209. It is possible to use a smaller brush again but I like my liner a little thicker so that brush is my favourite.

The easiest way to do this is to start half way into your lid and pull it out to the edge. Then go back into the corner of your eye and work back towards the centre.

Go back out to the edge of your eyelid and decide where you want your flick to be. Draw it in and then connect the line back to the centre. The best way to do this is to connect the top of the outer point to the start of the line in the inner corner. Create a straight line from these two points. By doing this it gives you a proper cat eye. Really vampy very sexy and makes you feel like you could kick the worlds ass!

Then just thicken up the line until you have the perfect eye you want be careful not to overwork it it’s super easy to go just a tiny bit too far then next thing you know you are Alice cooper!



3 thoughts on “Tutorial: retro eyeliner

    • missvanilly says:

      I’ll do a tutorial during the week on liquid eyeliner for beginners I reckon I’ve a trick or two up my sleeve to get you off on the right foot! Xx

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