She’s back!!!! Say hi to the snow fairy


Shower Gel LUSH.

Eeepppp guys it’s here!! It’s that time of year again! You know what I’m talking about she’s arrived the snow fairy is here!! Seriously??? Have you been living under a rock? You are not worthy 😉

Every year around now lush waves it’s magical wand and conjures up the most divinely decadent super sweet insanely indulgent beautiful shower gel you will ever have ever! It is amazing!! And I stock up loads every year and every year around mid April when I run out I weep tears of sugary sadness that I didn’t stock up enough cursing that I never learn my lesson!

See the fairy doesn’t stick around for long she’s a busy lady so between now and December grab what you can! Or don’t… More for me!!!

I’m soooo happy I’m ordering a bucketload as we speak! And don’t think just because it’s pink and smells like candy floss you’re precious stash is safe because my boyfriend has fallen under its spell. He smells just like candy when he steps out of the shower! See nobody can resist her charms!!


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