Back 2 Mac


I seriously can’t get over how many people there are who go to mac, buy make up use it then THROW AWAY THE EMPTIES!!!!
Serious? Girls Really?? If there are only 3 words that resonate with you forever may it be 3 little ones.  BACK . TO . MAC.

I’ve spoken to so many people friends, family, make up clients that had no idea that turning in 6 mac empties (must contain plastic) would in return give them a perfect little lipstick to treasure. It’s really not very often you get something really wonderful for recycling.

I’ve got 3 beautiful Shades so Far,
Up The Amp, Vegas Volt & Ruby Woo.

Get on it!!!

My M.A.C Bucketlist…
Hang Up,
Secret Lover
Fixed on Drama
Prince Noir

Any Suggestions??

6 thoughts on “Back 2 Mac

    • missvanilly says:

      It’s really beautiful on! It’s one of those colours that’s really distinctive!! You see someone wearing and automatically know what they are wearing! It’s lovely worn as a sheen too! X

  1. girlychristina says:

    Hi! I love your blog and this post because I also LOVE the back to mac program! So far I have gotten Impassioned, Chatterbox, Crosswires, and Ruby Woo. The next one on my list is Girl About Town! I want that one so bad!! =) I will have to try the ones you have, they look so pretty!


    • missvanilly says:

      They are lovely I’ll have to try girl about town! My next one is diva! It’s so beautiful! I’m normally not such a big fan of matte lipsticks they look beautiful but are so drying!
      Thanks sweetheart I love your blog too it’s great! Loads of wonderful posts! X

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