Tutorial: Turn it up! Smokey blue party look

y lovely friend Chris asked me to do a tutorial on wearing a few shades of eyeshadow. So i thought over the next few days i’ll do up a few different ones from the dramatic to the oh so sweet and subtle!

I’ve never been one to shy away from colour and neither should you.  The secret of good eyemake up is blending. All you need is good shadow a decent primer (for Staying power) and most importantly a few good brushes.
You need a fluffy blending brush or two- one for applying one for blending ( I recommend a mac 217 its a fluffy domed brush that is perfect for blending and applying creme or powder shadows) although a 229 and 209 is always handy too.

Okay so the easiest way for me to explain all this was with a diagram so have a gander down there and you might have a better idea of what im going on about when i say number 1 and 2

For this look im using Kat Von D’s True Romance palette in Beethoven.

Start off with a primer all over the lid.
Looking at the diagram in the section where i’ve put number two blend a deep Blue (this can work with any colours you want) all over the lid. Layer the shadow alternating between blending and adding colour – think of it like sandwiching the colour it’s a great way to make sure your efforts last all night long. Remember when using dark colours to tap any excess off your brush otherwise you’ll end up with powdered cheeks!
Bring the blue shadow onto the bottom lid avoiding the inner corner.

Next pick your highlighter colour i’ve used Tequila which is a beautiful shimmery ivory colour. Blend this into the inner corner (diagram area 1) and your Browbone (area 4)

Then in the outer v of your eye (area 3) mix a matte brown and matte black together and blend into the crease.
remember its all about blending!

Finish off with lashing of inky black mascara, a lick of liquid eyeliner and some lovely lashes and voila you are ready to go!!!



16 thoughts on “Tutorial: Turn it up! Smokey blue party look

    • missvanilly says:

      Thanks love! It’s such a beautiful blue but I hardly wear it because my eyes are blue so it dulls them down a lot! But it’s really beautiful on green and brown eyes! X

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