October glossy box!!

After a much anticipated the day has finally come. I got in from work today to a lovely package with my name on it! It came all the way from England to dublin via Belfast (apparently Royal Mail thought it might be contraband of some sort!) but it’s here! Woop woop! So full of excitement I open it up the packaging is sooo pretty cute little pink box that will come in handy for lipstick storage and the like! I know a lot of bloggers have been disappointed with their recent boxes and while I wasn’t blown away with its contents I am happy to receive little samples of new stuff! I love getting packages! I basically fall in love the minute I lay eyes on whatever little beauty is inside so you can imagine this is pretty exciting stuff for me!

I haven’t had a chance to really check the products out & see what they are made of but rest assured I will keep you all updated. I know the box I got (Octobers) hasn’t got as many gems as previous ones I’ve seen (you can check it out here at http://www.glossybox.co.uk) but I received 5 sample size products

Monu illuminating primer
Premae multi-vit smoothie serum
Unica kiss it better cream
Vita liberata latte illuminating skin finish
Me me me cherubs blush – lip and cheek tint.

I don’t really get the whole correlation between these products and the dark romance theme of this months boxes. All the press for this months glossy box had beautiful plum lips and nails perfect for this time of year and yet I think the products are the complete opposite!

I am looking forward to next months box I really do hope they step it up a notch though!


6 thoughts on “October glossy box!!

    • missvanilly says:

      I tried the Me Me Me tint. It’s basically a dupe for Benetint. It even smells the same. I put it on at 7am this morning and it’s still on now! very impressed plus the full size costs less than a tenner. It’s not a must have by any means but definitely handy haven’t tried it on the lips yet but i’ll keep you posted. I tried the Monu primer today but it felt way more like a moisturizer. Nothing to write home about! xx

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