Night of the living doll!!!

Hey kiddies! Trick or treat!!
So I haven’t been on here for a little while I’ve been crazy busy recently but I thought I’d do a little update for fright night!!
I’ll admit I’m a total baby when it comes to the scary side of life but I loovvee make up and any excuse for me to slap on a load of makeup in the guise of a costume I’m all over it!

So I wanted to be creepy but still freakishly adorable so I went for a super Wierd porcelain doll look!

Here is a peep! What did you guys dress up as?


7 thoughts on “Night of the living doll!!!

  1. girlychristina says:

    Love it!! You look just like a doll! ā¤ I dressed up as Katy Perry from her Roar video =) I had a lot of fun making a flower crown and doing my makeup like hers =) I ā¤ Halloween!!! Happy Halloween!!!

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