Hair mask miracle!


We all know what damage wintery weather does to our skin and hair.
Here I have a wonderful, easy and cheap way to get your hair back to silky smooth.
I’m sure by now you have heard millions of people raving about coconut oil! And for very good reasons! It’s amazing! You can use it for virtually anything! Dry skin, eczema, cooking, eye make up remover, cleanser and loads more.

So I have a day off today and my hair is super dry and I was well overdue a hair treatment but hey it’s nearly December and I’m saving my pennies for the pre Christmas party hairdo so homemade is sounding pretty good right about now. It’s easy peasy all I did was comb my hair section it up and take a little coconut oil from the tub, rub it between my palms until it melts (only takes a second) and massage it into your hair. Comb it through and tie your hair up out of your way!

Leave it over night of for as long as you can manage. Wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo (or wash 2 to 3 times with regular shampoo) condition and dry as normal. Voila your hair will feel amazing!


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