Eyelureveee it!!


So there’s been a very strong Christmassy vibe going on this month on my blog lots of Christmas lists and tutorials and the like so I thought I’d do a quick post about every party girls must have item! Eyelashes! Seriously ladies these take a look to the next level. It doesn’t matter what you go for if it’s individuals or full strips your eyes will look divine! I find individuals great they are easy to apply and look fantastic not to mention if one falls off nobody will notice but with a strip if it’s loose it’s pretty damn obvious! Strips lashes are great for easiness sake. Get a pair pop on the glue wait a sec for it to become tacky and pop along the upper lash line sorted now you are foxy enough for the ball! Another great option is corner lashes ( you can buy great corner lashes in mac or inglot or go ahead and buy a cheap pair and chop them in half – sorted! You can pick up a decent eyelure pair in primark for about €3 ) corner lashes are great you get the effect of a full strip without the irritating feeling of having something stuck on your lid. They don’t touch the inside of your eye so after a few mins you’ll forget you even have them on!

The secret to a great lash job is the glue and as far as I’m concerned duo glue is your only man you can pick up a tube for around ten again in mac or inglot and it will last FOREVER!! See the glue you get with the lashes?? Throw it away it’s rubbish now go get some duo glue and thank me later!

I’m wearing Katy perry for eyelure lashes in oh my . To be honest they are way more intense than anything I would normally wear. They are nice but a bit too full on for me. I have another few pairs of lashes to try out from this collection which seem like they’d be a bit more up my street!



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