My skin heaven

If only here was a brand that meets all my skincare needs… Well there is. I am well and truly in love with kiehls.Let me tell you why. My skin is dry, as dry as the Sahara it’s always been dry. I’ve tried so many moisturisers but nothing really quenches my thirsty skin.
I’ve tried Clinique, mac, olay, the list goes on and on but still no dice my skin was calling out for some miracle. And then there was Kiehls…
Founded in New York in 1851 as a old timey apothecary from natural ingredients. Kiehl’s has grown to a cosmetics brand specialising in premium skin, hair, and body products. It’s not surprising that kiehls is known for luxurious lotions and potions. Everything I’ve tried from this brand feels like absolute heaven on your skin. Let’s face it your skin is so important, it’s the foundation of your make up. You can’t expect to look flawless if underneath all the make up is skin crying out for some tlc


overnight biological peel
Exfoliating is such an important step in achieving a glowing complexion. And this peel is beyond wonderful. It’s an odourless gel that should be applied 30 mins before sleep twice a week and rinsed off with warm water the next morning. I’ve really noticed a huge difference in my skin since using this. Gone are the days of horrible tight skin my face feels refreshed and new almost like I’ve been given a brand new face. It’s about €45 and is totally worth it. I know sometimes it’s tough to fork out fifty quid for a small bottle of cream but think of it as an investment. You only get out of your skin what you put into it. There is no point having beautiful expensive make up applied expertly when all anyone will really notice how flakey your skin looks underneath. The better your skin looks the less make up you’ll need to use.


super multi corrective cream
This is a godsend seriously I cannot (and I stress the word cannot) say enough great things about this moisturizer. It’s made specifically for dehydrated & ageing skin. That doesn’t mean you have to be a granny to use it just that it is made to plump up and drench your skin with much needed moisture. It’s odourless and almost gel like in texture. It’s quick drying and light on the skin. I apply this 4 nights a week and every morning and have barely made a dent in my pot. (Which is good because its about €56) It’s rich and luxurious which means you don’t need a lot of cream. On the other 3 night I use my biological peel. I have to say my skin has never looked as good. I am such a fan girl of kiehls! So check it out and let me know what you think!!

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