January Glossy Box


Back to Basics

My glossy box finally arrived! I stress finally as I was beginning to think it was gonna be a no show! February’s one is nearly due! Anyway I digress…the theme of this months glossy box is Back to Basics. I’ll be honest though it seems the glossy box HQ just make these up as they go along as far as I can see there is no real link between the “theme” and the products.
In saying that this will be my fifth glossy box and while I’m never really bowled over by the products there have been a few little gems that slipped through and let’s be honest for
€15 a month it’s always a delight to get a box of goodies through the door.

So here’s what’s in this months haul:


Balance me – super tonic body wash
£10.25 for 250ml

The vintage cosmetic company- floral slanted tweezers – £8


Vaseline- Essential Moisture Lotion
£4.99 for 400ml

Yu-be – Moisturising Skin Cream
£13.50 for 33g


Anatomicals – Puffy the eye bag slayer wake up under eye patches
£6 for 3 pack

So far I love the yu-be skin cream it works wonderfully to protect skin and lips from the nasty winter weather!

Also have you seen the tweezers it’s adorable!!!

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