My mac neutral palatte


I am a total make up friend and I love nothing more than a snoop around peoples make up bag. One of my best friends Christine and I are total mac addicts and are always on the lookout for neutrals to fall in love with. The great thing about having a bestie who has the same hair and eye colour it’s great to see colours that look great on her knowing they’ll look almost as good on me ;).

I started out with a quad with four shades years ago Im pretty sure I bought ricepaper, nylon, brûlée and satin taupe. I think I’ve hit pan on satin taupe about 5 times now and almost as many on woodwinked!

Then my collection grew slightly…
So here is my neutral pallette
I have hit pan on a good few at this stage some I re purchased some not so much.

(L-R) Shroom, Orb, Bisque, Kid, Malt.

(L-R) Jest, All that glitters, Soba, Patina, Espresso.

(L-R) Woodwinked, Satin Taupe, Sable, Mulch, Twinks

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