Don’t tell me what to do!


Can you keep a secret? I’m not really the best morning person, I have to peel myself out of my bed every single day, I love sleeping and I love my bed, so leaving my cosy safe place brings me immeasurable heartbreak everyday. It’s the WORST! But it’s also when my mind is busiest planning out the day ahead of me. Eventually after I tire of the same ritual of hitting the snooze button a million times well then my day starts… Hmm what will I do today?? Do I want rosy cheeks or is it a lippy day? Do I want a cat eye or do I want to make my blue eyes really pop? all these thoughts race through my mind while I’m still wrapped up like a burrito in my duvet!

See I learned early on that I was happy and comfortable doing my make up. That I didn’t shy away from a smokey eye or bright colours. I like to just go with what I’m feeling that day, here are 5 different looks I did this week from Monday to Friday to show just how different your looks can be from day to day.


Anyway enough rambling! Detailed day by day posts to follow…

Just remember you don’t have to do the same looks every day! Be brave! Experiment!

i love getting comments! it really makes my day so please leave me a comment

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