Thursday I don’t care about you…

I’m not going to lie this look is my favourite I think I my eyes look fierce like this, the shadows make my blue eyes look super Icey and I’m loving it!


For this look I’m using CLUB by MAC it’s a beautiful duo chrome satin shadow that changes depending on how the light catches it. It can look like a beautiful muddy green with taupe undertones. It’s such a beautiful colour go out and grab it now. Because of the duo chrome properties of this shadow it looks as though I’ve lots of differently shades blended but I don’t just CLUB and a little bit of BISQUE on the arch and inner corner
The rest is simply a mix of light and CLuB doing its thing!! This shadow is the business!! Finish it off by buffing a little black liner into the crease and you are ready for your mascara.





Oh and for those of you wondering I am wearing MAC stay pretty on my cheeks!

i love getting comments! it really makes my day so please leave me a comment

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