Wednesday oh we are nearly there!!


So Wednesday! It’s that time of the week!! Only 2 more days till the weekend and my excitement shows through my makeup! The colours start to creep out of my make up bag!
For this look I’m using another beautiful KVD palette! But this look would work perfectly with MAC humid or sumptuous olive! The Kat Von D pallette I’m using is LUDWIG from her true romance collection.


The colours I’ll be using are lucifer (matte black) orbi (dark olive) and tequila (shimmery cream).
Using a Mac 239 pack ORBI onto the eyelid from the outer corner to almost the inner corner leaving about 1 Cm free of colour at inner eye. Using the same brush buff it into the lower lash line bringing it the same distance on the lower inner corner
Then taking a Mac 217 using TEQUILA buff over upper lid and into inner corner of eye socket.
Then using the same brush take a matte black like LUCIFER and blend into your socket and into outer v. All done!!!



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