So I was thinking it might be cool to do a little series on mac QUADS. One of my favourite things about the quads is how easy they are to pop in your purse/bag for when you are on the go. There are endless beautiful mac shadows that can be combined. So taking my trusty quad and some of my favourite mac shadows I’m going to show you the many different ways you can customise your own palette. And i’ll throw in a tutorial for every combination! I know I’m so kind 😉
just a quick warning- Blanc type may appear quite a bit but its only because I LOVE IT! I mean I really love it. Its the perfect neutral to highlight or use as a wash for brighter colours! if you don’t own it, drop everything and go get it!

okay so without further ado here we go (oh and the title of every quad post will be a title of a who song because i love them and quadrophenia was amazing!

i love getting comments! it really makes my day so please leave me a comment

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