M.A.C Plumage! pretty little peacock!

Oh Hi There!! So Yesterday I had the great fortune of seeing a dear friend of mine get wed! (to be honest it’s a miracle that I’m even writing this in my hungover state) I had an absolutely Smashing time! I spent the night giggling with some of the best people I know. I mean my make up game was totally on point so that could of helped.

brushes used…

1st picture brushes (L-R) Bare minerals full flawless face, flawless face and max concealer brush.
2nd picture brushes (L-R) Mac 168,130,239,219,217,210,208

Shadows used… (L-R) MAC eyeshadows…

I thought it might be easier to show you what to do by drawing it out 🙂

1. Start by moisturising your face and follow with a primer. I’m using Mac charged water  gel moisturiser and Bare minerals Prime Time Primer.

2. As we are using Dark Shadow I will leave the foundation until after i’ve finished my eyes. Take a Big Fluffy Brush and using some loose translucent power pat some generously underneath your eyes.

Now on to your Lids…

1. Prime your eye I used Mac painterly paint pot all over the lid.
2. Using a 217 blending brush take some Mac kid and buff into the crease.
3. Take some Rule on a 219 pencil brush and buff into the crease over the kid.
4. Under your eyebrow use some Blanc Type and buff it in.
5. Taking a clean fluffy brush dust some Shroom over your brow bone.


6. Next I took some Painterly paint pot (you can use any eye primer) on a 239 brush and painted it on to the area underneath the socket (where i am going to put the plumage shadow).

7. Then Using the same brush I pressed the Plumage on top of the primed eye area. This makes the shadow stay a lot longer and also makes to colour a lot more intense. Pack the colour on until you have a beautiful deep green lid. Dont go to much into your lid crease as we want the rule to still show through.

8. Okay now take a break from the eyes and we are going to take that big fluffy brush again and sweep the Powder from under your eyes. You should have no fallout on your cheeks now as the powder acts like a barrier.

9. Next Fill in your brows I used Anastasia Dip Down Pomade in Dark Brown and a 208 angle brush *if you need any help here’s another post that might help. Click Here

10. Then using Mac Blacktrax  and a 210 liner brush I started at the inner corner and worked my way out with a flick * heres a tutorial showing you how to do it

11. I then took some Ingot individual eyelashes and Duo Lash Adhesive and using a trusty tweezers applied them.

12. Then we go back in with a 239 brush and take Rule eyeshadow and line your bottom lid. Taking Plumage on the same brush buff it on the outer corner of your bottom lid.

13. Go back into your crease with the 219 and some Embark and just smoke it out a little bringing it under your eye in the outer corner!

Right next move on to your face!
I used Mac Studio Sculpt Foundation in NW15 and using the 130 Stippling brush i blended it carefully. I then used my NYX HD concealer in Porcelain on my high points and down the front of my nose and cupids bow.
On my under eye area I used Inglot Under Eye Concealer in 51.
I then used Mac Mineralise Skin finish in Light and powdered my face.
I contoured using Mac Harmony Blush and the Bare Minerals flawless face.
I then took the 168 Angled contour brush from mac and Mac Lovecloud blush and brushed it across the apples of my cheeks.
Taking Soft and Gentle highlighter by mac I brushed it across my cheekbones.
I finished the look off with a lick of Mac Peach Blossom Creamsheen lipstick.

and voila i was ready for the ball 🙂


I hope you guys enjoyed this one. It did take a little bit longer but my make up was still FLAWLESS at 4,30am when i climbed into bed 🙂

i love getting comments! it really makes my day so please leave me a comment

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