LUSH skin! Yes please!!

A while back ago I had a bit of a meltdown with my skincare routine! I was in a rut my skin just looked dull and super dry my base wasn’t right so my make up wasn’t right. You can’t build a sturdy house on shakey foundations!!
So I did I got on line and did a bit of tapping away on les internets and low and behold after much hmming and hawing I clicked add to basket on a brand new 3 step routine all for me!! Out with the old my dearies!!
So I turned to lush. I am a big fan of natural products. My skin is super sensitive and dry so the fewer additives in my skincare the better
I love LUSH! What’s not to love! Fresh ingredients turned into pure magic so I lent my face to natural remedies hoping my skin would be silkier by winter! Fingers crossed! (It worked!)

the cleanser
ultra bland
Ultrabland is a beautiful blend of essential oils, honey and beeswax. It takes off make up so easily and leaves your skin feeling super soft and hydrated. It’s got yummy rosewater which reduces redness and iris flower extract and smells really lovely.It’s gentle enough for everyday use and suits all skin types.

the toner
Eau Roma

Eau Roma water is a soothing herbal toner perfect for Dry, sensitive or mature skin that’s in need of some tlc. It’s made from two essential oils rose and lavender. Eau Roma is just the most wonderful thing in the world I love love love love love it. A spritz feels like your skin is being Kissed by angels it’s pure heaven!

the moisturiser
Skin Drink
Super Hydrating avocado and aloe Vera moisturiser. I should start by saying it looks like mud and smells well like mud! But is really wonderful on your skin. It rids your skin of that horrible tightness feeling that goes with uber parched skin. It’s jam packed with nourishing ingredients like moisturizing rose petal extract, fresh avocado and aloe vera extract to keep your skin feeling soft and loved. Added Evening primrose, neroli and rose oils improve the skin’s texture and leave you with that healthy looking glow.

I’m happier than ever with my skin! It’s flawless my dry skin was so frustrating but now I’m delighted!! I love LUSH!! X




Tutorial: Wet look Shadow

For this look I have mainly used M.A.C products. Feel free to use any dupes you like this look can be done in any colour so there are no rules. Apologies for the shocking quality of the photos my camera is currently m.i.a.



1. Start by applying a cream shadow all over the lid. I have used M.A.C Cream colour base in Hush but any pearly primer will work (KVD for Sephora have a wonderful one called Stellar or you could use Urban Decays primer potion) . I love using hush because it gives the eye this really beautiful glow and compliments any shadow used over it! 

2. Next using my M.A.C 217 I buffed in some Sable Shadow over the lid, It has a lovely pearly shine that really compliments any eye colour. If you want to stay with a striking neutral colour but don’t own Sable I would recommend Twinks, Patina, Satin Taupe or Woodwinked- All that glitters would also work well with Hush for something a bit pinker.

3. I then blended Hush and Sable together using a clean 217.

(Note) If you wanted a nice striking day time look stop at step 3 pop on some mascara and some eye liner and you’ve got a lovely look that could bring you from office/college to the dance floor.
4. Next I sprayed my 217 with M.A.C mineralize Skin Hydrating Mist (you can use water) and applied some M.A.C Nylon shadow to the brush. This really brings out the intensity of this beautiful pale gold frost.

I applied this lightly from the inner eye to mid way across the lid and blended lightly. I also brought this under the inner corner of the eye for a real shine.


5. Bend into Sable using your 217. Take some Espresso Shadow (or similar dark brown) I used a matte as mixing textures gives a lovely effect. Lightly blend into the outer corner (not too much just a bit to add some depth)

6. Next wet a pencil brush such as a 219 or use a flat angled brush if you find it easier ( you can use it dry if you find it easier to control).Using any Black Matte Shadow I’m using Lucifer from KVD for Sephora True Romance Ludwig Pallet ) Start in the inner corner and line the top of your lid, if it is easier for you pull your outer corner and then apply. Wing it out at the end, you can blend this for a softer look. Bring this black under the inner and outer corners of the eye. If you want to add a bit more staying power to your liner apply liquid liner on top of the shadow. Blend under the eye.


7. Add a bit more Hush to your brow bone and apply your favourite mascara I used Clinique High Definition Mascara in Blackest Black. 




Hope you enjoy recreating this look. Please send me pictures if you do I would love to see it!
 And again i really am sorry about the shocking picture quality!!!



M.A.C Mineralize brought out there Charged water Collection last year. Needless to say I was very excited. This collection was brought out especially for people with incredibly dry skin. (That would be me!) I Bought Charged Water Cleanser, Charged Water Skin Hydrating Mist & Charged Water Moisture Gel/ Gel Creme.

I love this Collection the Gel Moisturiser soothes skin and makes it feel instantly refreshed. My only problem with it was that I had used the whole pot in a month and at €35 it wasn’t something that I’m in a hurry to buy again. Although I absolutely adore it and my skin felt like silk after it it’s too dear to buy monthly. (Update… I have since repurchased this four times and have learned to use it sparingly…very sparingly)

The Cleanser is the best! its a non rinse formula which I find just so handy I leave this on my night stand, which mean I no longer wake up every morning looking like Alice Cooper. Again It’s fairly easy to fly through this cleanser but I find it the best I’ve used so far. It’s nice and rehydrating and feels just like water. I can’t stand anything oily on my face and this is the most natural cleanser I’ve found so far.

The Skin Hydrating Mist is okay. I wasn’t as blown away by it as I was the other two. It’s supposed to be like a “drink of water” for your skin. It refreshes your skin and also sets make up. To be honest I’ve had this for well over a year now and I’ve barely made a dent on it. If you tend to get cakey makeup from powder this is a great product to bring your face back to life. It pretty much does what it says it will so no complaints really here. I like to use it for wetting brushes to use on eye shadow to get an intense colour. Its so good if you have any mineralize Mac products just spritz your brush with this and the intensity of colour will knock your socks off!!!
it’s good but really not a product i couldn’t live without!

Basically if you have sensitive dry skin like me I reckon you will love these products but your wallet probably won’t…

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Blushing Beauties…

Well here it is the first post… eep pressure much??
anyway forget that! on to more pressing matters.
I am basically a little obsessed with blush, bronzer & highlighter anything cheeky really. 
Sculpting powers?? bring it on! I’m ready get the bronzer out! lash it on and off you go! on a hangover day you can pass for a real live well functioning member of society! Hangover be gone!!!!! You are no match for the power of my make up bag!

I love Blush be it Cream or Powder, I love it! Nothing gives you that Healthy “Oh no I always look this fabulous” Glow as well as a good slick of Blush, Highlighter or Bronzer! Now I could go on forever about Make up for your cheeks but it’s quite late as I write this so I will try not to babble on too much.

I’ll just give you a quick run down of some of my favourite “cheeky” products!! (the list is almost endless but these are my ‘always in my car/bag for emergencies’ picks!)

Also since compiling this I’ve realised I may be a harbouring a little M.A.C addiction.



I got this little beauty on a whim last year. Normally I would steer well clear of anything peachy coloured but I took a risk with this one & I haven’t looked back since! Its fantastic as a contour (I am very pale so it makes for a much more realistic contour than a lashing of bronzer) or I apply this one lightly over any high points of my face (ie. Cheekbones Nose Forehead) to make it appear as though the sun actually noticed my pasty body dying for attention! It’s the most beautiful Frost powder blush. A lovely peach colour with a slight shimmer to it! Give it a go its a must for all the porcelain skinned ladies out there (& I know there is many of us) but it would  compliment any skin tone as it is pure magic!!


Illamasqua SOB




Okay I should start by telling you that in my eyes Illamasqua can pretty much do no wrong! If you are looking for wonderful vibrant highly pigmented products with amazing staying power then Illamasqua is for you. Sob is the most vivid pink cream blush you will ever find! Its reasonably priced at around £16.50/ €19 (Only available in Ireland from or Asos) & you get such a good colour pay off that you only need to apply a tiny amount. I’ve had this blush for about 3 years now &  I have barely made a dent in it. Trust me its not from lack of trying, It’s probably my favourite of all my blushes but it’s so pigmented it could last me a lifetime. It also leaves your cheeks with a dewy finish which I adore. It is perfect under your foundation for a slight flush or on top of your make up for more of a statement. To apply I dot this on my cheeks with my finger & blend in with a stippling brush. 





Hush is on my list of favourite things ever. It’s up there with my dog, my boyfriend, my family, Cheese! Hush is in the same league! Its a Cream Colour Base Frost. And it’s the most beautiful peachy pearl colour with a shimmer. It’s an instant healthy glow. It is a wonderful highlighter which is what I bought it for but then realised it really wows as a base on lids. Now I use it everywhere. I throw it on my lids when in a rush or blend eye shadow into it! It is amazing I’ve repurchased this bad boy 3 times and its not because there’s no product in it there is i just love itttttttt!!!. If I was stranded with only one product this would be it! I cannot stress how much I adore this! I will no doubt write many a blog about the wonders of hush but for now you should know your life is not complete without it!! 

M.A.C Ladyblush

If you want to look the picture of health this is the blush for you, Its Amazing! 
It lifts the skin in a way ive never seen with any other blush before its kind of ridiculous!
It so good it should be illegal!!! 
It’s a Blush creme so it blends really well and is really pigmented so a little goes a long way! this is one of my favourite products of all time i love love love it!


I have never really been a big lover of Bronzer in fact I got this as a gift off my Mum (who is a diehard Smashbox fan!) about 6 years ago. I wasn’t so sure but once I tried it on it was love at first sight. I think the reason I was always weary of Bronzer was well I didn’t want to look tangoed but my my was I wrong. I discovered contours! 

Smashbox really are a great brand & the Soft Fusion Lights collection is no exception. Baked Starburst is a really beautiful mix of light to medium bronzer which are slightly shimmery! I have bought it over and over and will continue to do so as long as they keep making it! They also make a lovely highlighter wheel the same as this called Stardust which is well worth a try!




I’m sure by now you have realised I love a rosy flushed look. When you are born with porcelain skin you have two options You can join the legions of poorly fake tanned ladies or you can embrace your Alabaster self. I chose to do the latter & in doing so I discovered my love of pink cheeks. Pink is flattering to any skin tone. To be honest Its a colour that I tend to ignore in all other aspects of my life but when it comes to lips and cheeks i’m all over it!. Now I’m sure you are aware of the beauty of benefit blushers. They are light and feathery they don’t cling to dry patches or oily skin they are extremely blend-able & you can build up colour without getting the “caked on” look. They are packaged in lovely little boxes with a handy little brush which means you can pop it in your bag without needing to worry about your big fluffy brush getting damaged! It’s packed and ready to go for you now if only it could clean your house…