So I was thinking it might be cool to do a little series on mac QUADS. One of my favourite things about the quads is how easy they are to pop in your purse/bag for when you are on the go. There are endless beautiful mac shadows that can be combined. So taking my trusty quad and some of my favourite mac shadows I’m going to show you the many different ways you can customise your own palette. And i’ll throw in a tutorial for every combination! I know I’m so kind ūüėČ
just a quick warning- Blanc type may appear quite a bit but its only because I LOVE IT! I mean I really love it. Its the perfect neutral to highlight or use as a wash for brighter colours! if you don’t own it, drop everything and go get it!

okay so without further ado here we go (oh and the title of every quad post will be a title of a who song because i love them and quadrophenia was amazing!

Mac attack

Hello my lovelies!!
So I had a lovely day with my best friend Christine we went to ikea, and then to do a bit of shopping which led to the both of us splurging in Bt2. The pair of us spent a fortune! But we got lots of lovely goodies so it’s all good!

Anyway here is a look I put together using star violet and vex two of the new shadows I got.




I used blanc type all over the lid and vanilla on the brow bone as a highlighter as it’s slightly less matte than blanc type but still in the same shade.
Then in the inner third of the lid I used vex also bringing it under the lower lashing.
Then using a 219 brush I blended star violet into the crease. Then taking a 217 blend it well into the crease and under the lower lash line. I then added a bit of satin taupeto the crease ensuring it is blended seamlessly. Then curling the lashes apply mascara I’m using lash dominance by bare minerals.

Skin drink moisturizer (LUSH)
Prime time primer (Bare minerals)
Bare skin foundation in 01 (Bare minerals a.k.a BM)
Warmth (BM)
Mineral veil (BM)
Love cloud blush (Mac)
Soft and gentle highlighter (Mac)

I quite like this look it really brought out the grey in my blue eyes. Hope you enjoyed it!

Xoxo gia

The Shadow diaries Day 2


So today I decided to go for a more dramatic bronzed smokey eye. Something a little more wintery with lashings of black eyeliner what more could you want!

I started off with the bronze colour which is a mac mineralize skin finish I’m glorify. I wet my 229 brush by giving it a spritz with mac skin hydrating mist (you can use water) – this gives the shadow a glossy look it almost looks like liquid I then blended that in with a fluffy brush

The rest of the shadows I used are from urban decays naked 2 palatte. Which is ‚ā¨44 as far as I know and well worth it!

I applied foxy to the brow bone and blended in. I then pushed a little booth call into my inner corner gently and using busted I defined the crease.

I got a black kohl mac pencil and lined my inner and upper waterline. I then applied eyeliner to my upper lid blending upwards gently. For extra staying power I took my blacktrack fluidline from mac and lined my inner waterline over the kohl pencil.

I then went over my upper lid with blacktracks pulling it into a flick! I followed this with mascara I used lash domination from bare essentuals and voila dunzo!!!



Tutorial: Turn it up! Smokey blue party look

y lovely friend Chris asked me to do a tutorial on wearing a few shades of eyeshadow. So i thought over the next few days i’ll do up a few different ones from the dramatic to the oh so sweet and subtle!

I’ve never been one to shy away from colour and neither should you. ¬†The secret of good eyemake up is blending. All you need is good shadow a decent primer (for Staying power) and most importantly a few good brushes.
You need a fluffy blending brush or two- one for applying one for blending ( I recommend a mac 217 its a fluffy domed brush that is perfect for blending and applying creme or powder shadows) although a 229 and 209 is always handy too.

Okay so the easiest way for me to explain all this was with a diagram so have a gander down there and you might have a better idea of what im going on about when i say number 1 and 2

For this look im using Kat Von D’s True Romance palette in Beethoven.

Start off with a primer all over the lid.
Looking at the diagram in the section where i’ve put number two blend a deep Blue (this can work with any colours you want) all over the lid. Layer the shadow alternating between blending and adding colour – think of it like sandwiching the colour it’s a great way to make sure your efforts last all night long. Remember when using dark colours to tap any excess off your brush otherwise you’ll end up with powdered cheeks!
Bring the blue shadow onto the bottom lid avoiding the inner corner.

Next pick your highlighter colour i’ve used Tequila which is a beautiful shimmery ivory colour. Blend this into the inner corner (diagram area 1) and your Browbone (area 4)

Then in the outer v of your eye (area 3) mix a matte brown and matte black together and blend into the crease.
remember its all about blending!

Finish off with lashing of inky black mascara, a lick of liquid eyeliner and some lovely lashes and voila you are ready to go!!!



Back 2 Mac


I seriously can’t get over how many people there are who go to mac, buy make up use it then THROW AWAY THE EMPTIES!!!!
Serious? Girls Really?? If there are only 3 words that resonate with you forever may it be 3 little ones.  BACK . TO . MAC.

I’ve spoken to so many people friends, family, make up clients that had no idea that turning in 6 mac empties (must contain plastic) would in return give them a perfect little lipstick to treasure. It’s really not very often you get something really wonderful for recycling.

I’ve got 3 beautiful Shades so Far,
Up The Amp, Vegas Volt & Ruby Woo.

Get on it!!!

My M.A.C Bucketlist…
Hang Up,
Secret Lover
Fixed on Drama
Prince Noir

Any Suggestions??

My make up must haves

So I was in my usual ‘deep in thought, stuck in traffic’ mode this morning on my way to work when i started thinking about the pieces of make up i repurchase most. The ones that literally send me into a panic spiral when i hit the pan.
I gave it some thought, okay truth be told i gave it a lot of thought…
Seriously I have a lot of make up and i mean A LOT so really if I had only a few pieces in my collection what would they be.
I am a major M.A.C addict so be prepared for lots of mac-age

The Brush…. Hands down M.A.C 217 (its amazing if you dont have it, ¬†get it!- seriously what are you still doing here! GO!!!!!)

The Shadows…Twinks (M.A.C) Divine Decadence ( M.A.C) Satin Taupe (M.A.C yet again….)

The ¬†Liner… Blacktrack (M.A.C)

The Lippy…. Ruby Woo (M.A.C)

The Powder… Mineral Veil (Bare Minerals)

The highlighter… Hush cream colour base (M.A.C)

The blush…Sob (Illamasqua)

The HandCream… Cooling hand gel ¬†(L’occitane)

Sorry it’s a bit mac heavy what can i say im obsessed!


Tutorial: retro eyeliner


Nothing has the transformation powers as magical as eyeliner. It’s beyond amazing it can take even the dullest face to the next level.

We all know there are many different types of liner: pencil, kohl, liquid, gel, powder and we all have our favourites personally I am all about gel liners! Especially macs fluidline it’s beyond amazing it is long lasting has amazing staying power and is really easy to move about and dries really lightly so you don’t feel heavy lidded.

Anyway so getting on with it, it’s super easy so get your liner if you are using gel it’s best to start off with a small slanted brush and once you get the hang of it move on to a skinny liner brush I use mac 209. It is possible to use a smaller brush again but I like my liner a little thicker so that brush is my favourite.

The easiest way to do this is to start half way into your lid and pull it out to the edge. Then go back into the corner of your eye and work back towards the centre.

Go back out to the edge of your eyelid and decide where you want your flick to be. Draw it in and then connect the line back to the centre. The best way to do this is to connect the top of the outer point to the start of the line in the inner corner. Create a straight line from these two points. By doing this it gives you a proper cat eye. Really vampy very sexy and makes you feel like you could kick the worlds ass!

Then just thicken up the line until you have the perfect eye you want be careful not to overwork it it’s super easy to go just a tiny bit too far then next thing you know you are Alice cooper!



Tutorial: Wet look Shadow

For this look I have mainly used M.A.C products. Feel free to use any dupes you like this look can be done in any colour so there are no rules. Apologies for the shocking quality of the photos my camera is currently m.i.a.



1. Start by applying a cream shadow all over the lid. I have used M.A.C Cream colour base in Hush but any pearly primer will work (KVD for Sephora have a wonderful one called Stellar or you could use Urban Decays primer potion) . I love using hush because it gives the eye this really beautiful glow and compliments any shadow used over it! 

2. Next using my M.A.C 217 I buffed in some Sable Shadow over the lid, It has a lovely pearly shine that really compliments any eye colour. If you want to stay with a striking neutral colour but don’t own Sable I would recommend Twinks, Patina, Satin Taupe or Woodwinked- All that glitters would also work well with Hush for something a bit¬†pinker.

3. I then blended Hush and Sable together using a clean 217.

(Note) If you wanted a nice striking day time look stop at step 3 pop on some mascara and some eye liner and you’ve got a lovely look that could bring you from office/college to the dance floor.
4. Next I sprayed my 217 with M.A.C mineralize Skin Hydrating Mist (you can use water) and applied some M.A.C Nylon shadow to the brush. This really brings out the intensity of this beautiful pale gold frost.

I applied this lightly from the inner eye to mid way across the lid and blended lightly. I also brought this under the inner corner of the eye for a real shine.


5. Bend into Sable using your 217. Take some Espresso Shadow (or similar dark brown) I used a matte as mixing textures gives a lovely effect. Lightly blend into the outer corner (not too much just a bit to add some depth)

6. Next wet a pencil brush such as a 219 or use a flat angled brush if you find it easier ( you can use it dry if you find it easier to control).Using any Black Matte Shadow I’m using Lucifer from KVD for Sephora True Romance Ludwig Pallet ) Start in the inner corner and line the top of your lid, if it is easier for you pull your outer corner and then apply. Wing it out at the end, you can blend this for a softer look. Bring this black under the inner and outer corners of the eye. If you want to add a bit more staying power to your liner apply liquid liner on top of the shadow. Blend under the eye.


7. Add a bit more Hush to your brow bone and apply your favourite mascara I used Clinique High Definition Mascara in Blackest Black. 




Hope you enjoy recreating this look. Please send me pictures if you do I would love to see it!
 And again i really am sorry about the shocking picture quality!!!



M.A.C Mineralize brought out there Charged water Collection last year. Needless to say I was very excited. This collection was brought out especially for people with incredibly dry skin. (That would be me!) I Bought Charged Water Cleanser, Charged Water Skin Hydrating Mist & Charged Water Moisture Gel/ Gel Creme.

I love this Collection the¬†Gel Moisturiser¬†soothes skin and makes it feel instantly refreshed. My only problem with it was that I had used the whole pot in a month and at ‚ā¨35 it wasn’t¬†something¬†that I’m in a hurry to buy again. Although I absolutely adore it and my skin felt like silk after it it’s too dear to buy monthly. (Update… I have since repurchased this four times and have learned to use it sparingly…very sparingly)

The¬†Cleanser¬†is the best! its a non rinse formula which I find just so handy I leave this on my night stand, which mean I no longer wake up every morning looking like Alice Cooper. Again It’s fairly easy to fly through this cleanser but I find it the best I’ve used so far. It’s nice and rehydrating and feels just like water. I can’t stand anything oily on my face and this is the most natural cleanser¬†I’ve¬†found so far.

The¬†Skin Hydrating Mist¬†is okay. I wasn’t as blown away by it as I was the other two. It’s supposed to be like a “drink of water” for your skin. It refreshes your skin and also sets make up. To be honest I’ve had this for well over a year now and I’ve barely made a dent on it. If you tend to get cakey makeup from powder this is a great product to bring your face back to life. It pretty much does what it says it will so no complaints really here. I like to use it for wetting brushes to use on eye shadow to get an intense colour. Its so good if you have any mineralize Mac products just spritz your brush with this and the intensity of colour will knock your socks off!!!
it’s good but really not a product i couldn’t live without!

Basically if you have sensitive dry skin like me I reckon you will love these products but your wallet probably won’t…

signature gia