I’m dreaming of…


Christmas parties! That’s right guys my favourite time of year is almost here we’ve only 34 sleeps left! Can you believe it? That’s just under 5 weeks! Pah sure that’s nothing! It’s still November so Christmas tunes have still to be sung. Cocktails to be drank and parties to be had! Oh yes that’s right the parties! We all have a million parties to go to at Christmas and depending on how much you like your work it’s either something you love or loathe. Now lucky for me I work with some of the most beautiful and wonderful people alive so I’m quite excited about mine hence tonight’s post. When it comes to festive looks there are a few things I always keep in mind!
1. Don’t be afraid of a bit of Glitz! it’s a time of year when shimmer sequins and glitter only add to the awesomeness of a super glam look. The sparkly the better I say.
2. it’s all about the lips! Winter most certainly is a time when we are slightly paler than normal so a lashing of a moisturizing lipstick on a perfect pout can do wonders. I’ve picked two a budget busting blood red by tom ford and a slightly darker only slightly more pocket friendly mac lippy from their new divine night collection. Winter is a great time to go for more daring darker colours than you normally would so don’t be afraid to take a risk.
3. A lovely Christmassy scented is always good now I’m not saying you have to smell like you had a bath in mulled wine but it’s always nice to step away from fresh floral summer scents to something a bit more complex. I have certain perfumes I only wear in summer nice fruity refreshing scents are my favourite but then once winter rolls around out comes my favourite ricci ricci by nina ricci I love it! And it always reminds me of my favourite time of year ( you guessed it! It’s christmassss!) which is never a bad thing. It’s such a beautiful smell and one that I don’t smell often on people which always makes me happy.

So here are a few of my favourite pics for the glamourous season ahead! What would you put on your list?

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